Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad Review

I received an interesting email today that had a link to a book review that somebody had posted on their blog.  The book review was not a good one, yet it wasn't that bad either.  I couldn't believe what I read in the comments under the blog.  The Author of the book that was reviewed, bashed the reviewer.

Did she not understand what he wrote?  Even if she didn't understand what he wrote, the way that she acted on the Internet, was downright unprofessional.  And she shows other Author's... aspiring and otherwise... how NOT to act at all when receiving a not so stellar review.  

It doesn't matter what your profession - Sales clerk, hair dresser, receptionist... Anybody who speaks that way to customers, potential customers, and in some cases, even co-workers; would lose their jobs on the spot.  Everybody should remember... your customers (no matter what profession you're in); they ARE your paychecks.

For an indie Author, even an Author with a major publishing house, this Author's responses to the review was extremely unprofessional.

Click Review to read what was said...

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